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The first captured Africans can be traced to colonial Virginia in 1619. The colony of Jamestown needed labor to build the economy for Europeans during the of early days of America. A Dutch ship brought the first 20 Africans to Virginia that started the importation of 6 to 7 million people whose labor was used to establish wealth for earlier settlers and continuing for hundreds of years.

Africans needed to work on farms that produced tobacco, rice, and indigo became increasingly more important to the economy of the American South. Blacks were used for every type of physical labor, but eventually working on semi-skilled and skilled tasks. In a few decades. The invention of the cotton gin, in 1793, increased the importance of free labor. Cotton proved to be a lucrative but labor intensive crop. England led the large demand for cotton.

Eventually nearly one-third of the southern population was of African decent. An unmistakable plantation hierarchy effected every aspect of the lives of the captive. Eventually, the abolitionist movement would win. Not without creating a separate culture. A culture vastly different from the homeland of the captive and separate from the European descendant land owners. A celebration of that difference is chronicled in this site. The first of our knowledge Quizzes on African Americans is below. Take the test, more quizzes will follow.




Black History Quiz

Important Facts in African American History

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