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African-Americans through no intent of their own is a separate ethnic group. Citizens of the United States whose ancestry is Sub-Saharan African, and include the descendants of African slaves. Blacks through the centuries have been treated as inferior and incapable. We believe that idea cannot be farther from the truth. is a focus on the people that have created out of necessity and by default, a new culture. Our history begins in the 17th century, when Africans were forcibly removed from their homes in primarily Western Africa, transported to the United States (as well as other western regions) and enslaved. Along with their children, our people have survived a “raced based” brutal existence. This website attempts to chronicle the exceptional response of how Black Americans rose to that challenge.

i-cant-breatheRemarkable people navigated our journey. The joy that comes with the examples of our response to heartbreaking treatment, cruel laws, inhuman punishment and the persistent onslaught of injustice in a nation that boasts the claim of justice and “rule of law”, is hard to bear. In many cases, it’s our accomplishments that make our journey bearable.

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