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November is Native American Heritage Month!



prince-purple-rainOur History is important to us. It grounds who we are, defines our culture and unifies a unique people. The celebration and remembrance of our history reminds us of our excellence, heritage and power.
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  • 1964

    The 24th Amendment

    The United States Constitution was ratified on this day in 1964.  This Amendment, made it illegal to charge voters a fee to vote for the President, Vice President, U.S. Senators or U.S. House of Representative Congress members. This fee is referred to in the Amendment as a "Poll Tax".

    Poll taxes were common in Southern U.S. States as a measure to prevent African-Americans from voting.  In 1937 the United States Supreme Court, in the case Breedlove v. Suttles, had upheld the right of Southern States to charge potential voters a fee. In 1966, the U.S. Supreme Court found that Poll Taxes were unconstitutional in state elections because it violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

    During the ratification process 8 Southern States did not ratify the Amendment. It has become the position of many that imposing burdens of any kind to voters constitute a Poll Tax.


  • 1976

    Paul Robeson

    (April 9, 1898 - January 23, 1976)

    Robeson was an African-American singer, athlete and civil rights activist, Paul Robeson, died on this day in 1976. Robeson won an academic scholarship to Rutgers College, were he became a football All-American and the class valedictorian. After Rutgers, Robeson entered New York University School of Law , then transferred to Columbia Law School. Robeson who worked as a lawyer briefly is also known as an accomplished theatrical singer. Robeson died from complications of a stroke in Philadelphia.

  • 1977


    The 8 episode television mini-series, Roots, first aired on this day in 1977. The series was based on the 1976 novel, "Roots:The Saga of an American Family", by Alex Haley.  The mini-series received 9 Emmy Awards and 37 nominations, starring John Amos, Ben Vereen, LeVar Burton, Louis Gossett, Jr., Leslie Uggams and others.  The novel, "Roots" was based on the life of Queen Jackson Haley, who was Alex Haley's paternal grandmother.

  • 2016

    BlackHistory 101 | Facts You Should Know

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