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November is Native American Heritage Month!



prince-purple-rainOur History is important to us. It grounds who we are, defines our culture and unifies a unique people. The celebration and remembrance of our history reminds us of our excellence, heritage and power.
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  • 1964

    Organization of African American Unity

    (OAAU); A group organized by Malcolm X, announced by him at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, NY, the eventual place of his assassination on year later, on June 28, 1964. The organization officially started on February 15, 1965. With basic aims of self-determination and national unity, the organization survived Malcolm X and still exists today, headquartered in New Rochelle, NY citation: Organization of African American Unity
  • 2015 The Killing of Jimmie Lee Jackson The story seems to be a familiar one. Jimmie Lee Jackson, a 26 year old church Deacon, Vietnam veteran and civil rights worker is shot twice by a law enforcement official and dies eight days later from a brutal beating and gun shot wounds. Events surrounding his death seem eerily similar to the deaths of young black men in recent year. It is entirely possible that nothings changed since the winter of 1965 and that society has begun to notice the deaths. Perhaps social media and citizens with video camera equipped hand-held cell phones, have brought attention to these tragedies, these events may have been occurring all along. It’s also possible that law enforcement’s use of extreme force when it comes to black men has never more
  • 2016

    BlackHistory-101 | Facts You Should Know

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Search to find results from another day. Search the Instagram images above.

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