Trump Is Making Obama Great Again

By nearly any measure the presidency of Barack Obama as it is compared to that of Donald Trump’s will remind historians, and casual observers of a model administration of the federal government. Compare first year approval rates as measured by Gallup (a research company founded in 1935. Gallup conducts presidential and other polling), increase in jobs as measured by the U.S. Department of Labor, even compare mundane things like Twitter followers (nearly double as of this publishing). Obama even by people that didn’t vote for him long for those great eight years.




It’s not unusual for presidents to have bounce in popularity when they leave office or even retire from the political scene. George W. Bush left office with one of the lowest approval ratings in the modern era as measured by Gallup. During and in the aftermath of the tragic events of 9-11, President Bush became an example of leadership for many Americans. During the beginning and most of the early years of the ill fated Iraq War, Bush basked in a sea of high approval numbers. Controversy and a decorated Vietnam War veteran wasn’t enough to stop a Bush second term in 2004. However, economies rise and fall. Economic Crises happen. Beginning or during the mid-second term of George W. Bush administration the “Great Recession” began to cripple world financial markets and wreak havoc here in the U.S. How to respond to such a crisis was met with debate throughout the world. Austerity or stimulus. Rich want to take advantage of the bust with cheap labor and bargain basement real estate. Moderate and low income people have to deal with bankruptcy and job loss. World governments found it difficult to decide which way to go. The United States debated a come back strategy until the change in leadership in 2008. Obama struggled with a republican Congress. The president wanting stimulus and the Congress wanting austerity. Trump has benefited. Some perceive a 2017 lower unemployment rate and rising stock market as a Trump win. Those people don’t know, don’t mention, selfishly ignore or perhaps are just disingenuous to lagging economic factors. They are the same ones that fought against dramatic increases in the national debt during the Obama Stimulus Plan.

Boring and a tight ship. Not an indictment or appearance of impropriety through eight years of Obama compared to criminal charges for subordinates and double digits resignations or firings during the first year says it all . Global trade partners and even foes recognize the unstable and unfocused approach to both economic and security vision. Under Trump leadership the U.S. has retreated from the world stage. Lowering or decreasing military presence verses increasing it is another example. Trump once queried publicly, why do they hate us? Obama having lived overseas and understanding the view of the United States from a different perspective understood hatred of the U.S. could be from the damage and destruction caused and harm met to so many non-combatants. When you kill and destroy civilians some people never forget it.

Anecdotal evidence is not a great measure..but. Anti-government marches, protests of presidential policies are not a normal thing during the first year of a new administration. Inauguration crowd sizes , don’t forget that one. From the arts, actors and great thinkers as well as sports figures and historians have questioned the first year of the Trump administration in knowledge, governing skills, leadership vision and the ability to reach out to opposing views not using the highest office in the land to garner personal wealth.




Longing for better days shouldn’t have only taken one year. The honeymoon period of a new president has been just the opposite. The most admired man in the country according to another poll is usually the newly elected president. Not this time its Obama for 2018 the first year of the Trump presidency. As a matter of fact the most admired women according to the same poll is the candidate Trump beat in the Electoral college to become president, Hillary Clinton.

Hopefully the country finds a way to come to peace with the changing of a compassionate, intelligent, admired and honest leader for the likes of Donald J. Trump.  At the writing of this column an investigation is underway aimed at determining whether Trump is fit to be president and presides over a criminal conspiracy.  The faint of heart miss the former president his administration and long for the days of hope and honor. Many admire the list of role models that will hopefully step up one day and continue Obama’s legacy.


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